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Are you in search of the ultimate tool to activate your Windows & Office? Look no further than downloading and installing KMSPico, a must-have tool for everyone. This article will provide you with all the details about this amazing tool, as well as whether it is safe to use.

Make sure to read this article in its entirety to ensure you do not miss any important information. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, I have included some of the rumors circulating on the internet.

Before proceeding with the download or installation, it is crucial to understand this tool. Refer to the guide below to learn about KMSPico and how it operates. If you are already familiar with it, feel free to skip to the next section.

We recommend you to purchase official license from Microsoft. Our tool is for educational purpose only.

What is KMSPico?

What is KMS Pico?

KMPico is a tool that is used to activate or get a license for Microsoft Windows as well as for MS Office. It was developed by one of the most famous developers named, Team Daz.

It is a popular activator for Microsoft Windows and Office products; its task is to emulate a Windows Key Management Services (KMS) server and activate a fake license.

KMS pico is the fastest, safest and easiest way to activate Windows and Office OS. The big plus is that the activator does not require an Internet connection and is absolutely free.


Since you already know what this tool means, let’s talk about some of the features you get with KMSPico. This will surely help you understand if you are downloading the right files.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that KMSPico offers:

Activate Windows & Office

This activator activates both Windows and Office at the same time, you can get a license in no time; however, this supports various versions. You don’t need to look for another crack for Microsoft products.

It Is Free To Use

Without a doubt, everything that Team Daz has developed costs us nothing. Like wise, the use of this tool is also free. Other than this, there are no advertisements of any kind, so using it will be a no-brainer.

Permanent License

The activation period is 180 days, that is, a corporate license is established. When the above specified time has expired, you can repeat everything again, and it will extend again.

Virus Free

Now comes the main feature of this tool that makes it famous among others. KMSPico is 100% pure and clean from such viruses or trojans. The Virus Total scans it before uploading to ensure it doesn’t harm our visitors.

Download KMSPico Activator

After you have read the notes about this tool and are ready to obtain it, we will show you how to download it from our website. The download process is simple, but many of you may not know how to do it, so please use this guide.


Just follow the given below steps to download KMSPico on your machine instantly:

  • First, you need to click on the download button that appears in this guide.
  • When you click on it, you will go to Download Page, where you will see the Download File or Download Directly button.
  • Download File is for the Mega hoster, while the Download Directly Link is direct download link.
  • Now click on Download File or click the Mirror link, depending on you, so once you click, it will again open another window (If one of the links is blocked, use an alternative link).
  • However, for Mega users, you can click on Download in the Browser button and wait until it downloads.
  • Once the tool is downloaded in Mega, it will be added to the Download Manager in Firefox, Chrome, or whatever browser you are using.

KMSPico is now successfully downloaded, and you are done with it. You can find the archive in Downloads folder in your PC.

How To Install KMSPico

After following the above guide, you downloaded this tool anyway. Now comes the second part of this guide, which is installing KMSPico. This is not difficult at all, but somehow there are some precautions that you need to take.

The first thing we need is to disable Anti-Virus protection. If you don’t have an antivirus, but use standard Windows Defender, we have instructions on how to do this.

And in general, why do you need to do this? Yes, everything is simple, because cracks and activators are considered unwanted programs and are deleted. Windows Defender will fight activators for Windows anyway, so that you buy their product.

To Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 you have to: Start Menu > Search for Windows Defender and select the first option > Now open Virus & Threat Protection > Then under Virus & Threat Protection Settings, click Manage Settings > Next, disable Real-Time protection using that switcher.
Check the full instruction here -> Disable Defender in Windows 10

Windows Defender in Windows 10

To Disable Windows Defender on Windows 11 you have to do the same, but in the end must scroll down and click on Add or remove exclusionsAdd an exclusion > Folder, Select This PC > Local Disk (C:).
Check the full instruction here -> Disable Defender in Windows 11

Windows Defender in Windows 11

Now you will need the Winrar archiver. Click to download -> Download WinRAR.
Extract the files from the archive using Winrar.

Extract Here

You will be asked for a password, enter – “windows“.

Password - "windows"

Just go to unzipped folder.

Folder with KMS Activator

Done, you have received a folder with a ready-made activator. This version does not require installation, everything is ready to use.

Activate Windows Using KMS Pico

1. Now that we have a folder with the activator, we need to run the KMSELDI.exe file with administrator rights and wait until it opens.

Note: If you haven’t closed your antivirus or Windows Defender, the activation files will be deleted.

kmspico for windows 10 pro

2. After the main program window has opened, just click on the big red button and wait for the activation to complete.

kms pico windows 10 activator

Congratulations, you have now activated your copy of Windows for free.

Now it is possible to check the activation status and see there “Windows is activated“. To do this go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation

Windows 10 is activated

Check the detailed video how to activate Windows, if you still don’t understand what to do. To activate MS Office you have to do the same steps like in this video.


Activate Microsoft Office With KMS

To activate the Office, absolutely similar actions are carried out, but we will still describe them again. But before activation, you will need to open any Office application once.

1. Run the KMSELDI.exe file with administrator rights and wait until it opens.

kms pico download

2. After the main program window has opened, just click on the big red button and wait for the activation to complete.

kmspico ativador

Congratulations, you have now activated your copy of Office for free.

Now it is possible to check the activation status and see there “Product activated“. To do this go to Account

MS Office 2016 is activated

If you got any problem to activate your 2019 or newer version you can try another activator:

Download KMSAuto

Is KMSpico Safe?

KMSpico is a tool used to activate Windows and Office licenses in an unauthorized manner. While there is a possibility of malicious content, I can confirm that after thorough testing, I found no harmful elements present.

However, caution is advised when downloading from other sources as different versions of the tool may contain harmful files. Rest assured that the version available on our website has been vetted for safety. Please exercise discretion and only obtain the tool from trusted sources to avoid any potential damage.


There is no doubt that KMSPico is the best tool to license Windows and MS Office. However, in this article I have covered everything you need to know, and after this I am sure you will understand everything about this tool. Please use the download link provided on our site, as using an unknown source could harm you.

This tool is mainly used by people who can not afford to purchase Windows or Office licenses or do not want to pay for licenses. The tool is popular because it is free to use, easy to install, and permanently activates Windows and Office products.

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